Odysseus legacy is now foretold throughout countless generations

Vacationing in Hades

As they pulled away Odysseus, like any true badass, decided to start talking smack and yelled a bunch of degrading insults at the blinded monster. The beggar then took another arrow, drew it back, and fired it right through the motherfucking throat of the foremost suitor.

You know how some times you have to pour one out for all of your dead homies. Whether or not we hear in them the name of Odysseus, we should not fail to reflect that odino means essentially "to be in labor of childbirth.

The humble beggar gripped the bow in one hand, and strung it up effortlessly in one fluid motion. She was previously an assistant attorney general for the State of Tennessee.

To see life in any other way is to live in a dream-world, as the Cyclops do, and the Phaecians. Lindsey September 3, at 8: So perhaps there were still different tiers of existence in the afterlife from a Greek perspective, though earth was still the place to be.

The crew then sail past the island of the Sirens, monsters that look like super-hot babes and whose song lures men to their deaths. Eventually, after a little bit of coaxing, they allowed him to try. That the value the Greeks place on life and legacy is a way to balance out the Underworld.

Now, we can fully understand their fight for life, as well as why some humans choose to take immortality when it is offered to them, like it is Odysseus. The suitors ran off to Odysseus' armory, loaded up on weapons and gear and bull rushed him, trying to strike him down with his own fucking weapons.

If being remembered is this important to big shots like Menelaus, it seems like the Greeks felt that creating a legacy was the most important goal of life. Trojan women are captured and taken away as slaves.

Helios really hates it when motherfuckers eat his cattle. They sacked the city, made off with whatever plunder they could carry, and killed some people. Eventually, the God Hermes shows up and tells Calypso to release Odysseus from her spell. Along with Clare, I find this description of the Underworld interesting because it is such a different notion from what is thought of today when we die.

Odysseus sacrifices a couple of Circe's sheep to honor the dead, and all of a sudden his old buddies from the Trojan War rise up out of the ground and they have a kickass barbecue and get down like Michael Jackson and those zombies from the Thriller video.

Kaitlin September 3, at 1: He drinks it, but is unaffected. There is obviously something fruitful in the pain of this relationship between father and son. He proves himself as a war hero, goes on an epic adventure, visits strange new lands, and exacts cruel revenge on everyone who wronged him.

His legend has survived for thousands of years and has long stood and will long stand as one of the ultimate models of what it means to be badassed.

Their idea of the underworld and glory shows a different perspective of their culture, attitude towards death, and thinking. First she stuck a dozen axes in the ground in a straight line, and then she got the mighty Bow of Odysseus out of the attic.

Besides, an eternity of life and an eternity of death may begin to resemble one another with time. Odysseus and his men land on another remote island where they are greeted by a super hot babe, who just so happens to be the princess of the Laistrygonians.

No one, not even a great hero like Achilles, is going to be happy in the Underworld. The fruitfulness of trouble has been hinted at all along, particularly by the image of the olive: She said that she would agree to marry the first man who was able to string the bow and fire an arrow through all of the axe-handles.

Also this is dramatic irony (we know what the character doesn't) because he is saying this to the ram but Odysseus is strapped underneath it.

The Legacy of Tamar

The Cyclops doesn't know Odysseus is there but we as an audience does. This makes Polyphemus a round character because he is showing that he is kind and gentle towards the sheep.

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The Cyclops then curses the name of Odysseus and throughout the rest of the epic and his journey home Odysseus suffers for this.

Poseidon, relative of the Cyclops, does everything within his power to hinder Odysseus' journey home and. So conceived, Odysseus is not an attractive character. In fact, however, the poem implies a good deal of criticism of the Autolycan attitude.

For in spite that Odysseus is so obviously a causer of pain, closer examination reveals that through the first 19 books he is the one who is odysseused rather than the one odysseusing. Odysseus. Odysseus was a powerful warrior king in Ancient Greek history who played a central role in the Homeric epics The Iliad and The parisplacestecatherine.com son of the Argonaut Laertes, Odysseus married the beautiful, eloquent and intelligent Penelope and together they ruled the tiny Greek island of Ithaca.

One thing I have noticed throughout the poem is a plethora of references to legacy and glory, which Clare has eloquently noted in this post as important Greek cultural values. It seems as if all the Greek heroes are looking for a way to establish their kleos, or everlasting glory.

Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer's Iliad and other works in that same Epic Cycle. Husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus, and son of Laërtes and Anticlea, Odysseus is renowned for his brilliance, guile, and versatility (polytropos), and is hence known by the epithet Odysseus the Cunning (mētis, or "cunning intelligence").

Odysseus legacy is now foretold throughout countless generations
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