Coordinating conjunction

The college added lights to the parking lot.

Conjunction (grammar)

If either of the clauses is complex or contains an internal comma, a semicolon generally is the better choice. Look at the examples that follow: Sometimes the veterans knew the recruits could play better than they [could play]. Because you might be breaking your instructors' rules, however, you should ask what their preferences are.

They may connect two words, two phrases, two independent clauses or two dependent clauses. The band played loudly yet nobody could hear. And they have an ability to explain the material clearly. Slowly and deliberately, the monkey climbed around the limbs of the tree.

Check your understanding of coordinating conjunction use Read these sentences: To survive the fetal pig dissection, Rinalda agreed to make all of the incisions, and Frances promised to remove and label the organs. The words essential and nonessential are sometimes used and mean the same thing as restrictive and nonrestrictive, respectively.

Often, it comes at the beginning of the first clause.

Use Coordinating Conjunctions to Build a Story

We hoped that decorating the top of Christine's cupcake with a dead grasshopper would freak her out. A conjunctive adverb e. Joe spent seven hours studying calculus at the Mexican diner, so now he can set his math book on fire with his salsa breath.

Diagram the following sentences by placing the coordinating conjunction on a dotted line between the clauses that it connects. I can go shopping after I finish studying for my exam. I've given you hints on the first two questions. We'll probably regret it; still, we really have no choice.

They asked for more spaces. The paintings are pleasant but bland. These are defined by their essential ingredients, the clauses that make them up. They are similar to coordinating conjunctions because they join sentence elements that are similar in importance. McKenzie, but Olivia, who hated economics, furiously jiggled her foot, impatient to escape the boring class.

The college added lights to the parking lot however the lights aren't bright enough. Use these examples to help you complete the exercises below. Review the section on Commas Usage for advice and plenty of exercises on the punctuation requirements when dependent and independent clauses are combined.

Add commas when required. I couldn't decide if I should continue writing or go to bed.

Coordinating Conjunction For

At a red light, Maria jumped out of Gino's car and slammed the door, for she could not tolerate one more minute of the heavy metal music that Gino insisted on blasting from the stereo. Flying down the bumpy path, Genette hit a rock with the front wheel of her mountain bike, flew over the handlebars, and crashed into a clump of prickly palmetto bushes.

They asked for more spaces, but the college hasn't added more yet. They have an ability to explain the material clearly.

Though [they were] sometimes nervous on the court, her recruits proved to be hard workers. Choose the sentence below that combines these two correctly. The inner planets are in inferior conjunction when the planet is between the earth and the sun and in superior conjunction when the sun lies between the earth and the planetCompare opposition def.

Only when an interrupter immediately follows the coordinating conjunction do you need to use commas. Joe spent seven hours studying calculus at the Mexican diner, so now he can set his math book on fire with his salsa breath. Yet even this accident would not deter her from completing the race.

She told him that he would have to work to earn her trust. In grammar, a conjunction (abbreviated CONJ or CNJ) is a part of speech that connects words, phrases, or clauses that are called the conjuncts of the conjoining construction.

The term discourse marker is mostly used for conjunctions joining definition may overlap with that of other parts of speech, so what constitutes a "conjunction" must be defined for each language. The Subordinate Clause Recognize a subordinate clause when you see one.

A subordinate clause—also called a dependent clause—will begin with a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun and will contain both a subject and a combination of words will not form a complete will instead make a reader.

A coordinating conjunction connects two clauses that could stand alone as sentences, and there are only 7. All the other single-word conjunctions are subordinating.

Commas and Coordinating Conjunctions – In each sentence below, separate the independent clauses, remove the coordinating conjunction, and rewrite each sentence as two sentences.

Using Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions – Combine each set of sentences, using commas and coordinating conjunctions. The Function of a Subordinating Conjunction When a sentence has an independent clause (main clause) and at least one dependent clause, it is known as a complex a complex sentence, the role of the subordinating conjunction and the dependent clause is to establish a time, a place, a reason, a condition, a concession, or a comparison for the main clause.

Commas with coordinating conjunctions. Many writers struggle with whether to use a comma in a compound sentence whose clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so).Although some examples may be tricky or complicated, most of the time some basic rules apply.

Coordinating conjunction
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